Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) answered regarding the TP-Link router:

  1. How do I login to my TP-Link router?
    You can login to your TP-Link router by going to and entering the default information regarding the router.
  2. What is the default IP address for my TP-Link router?
    The default IP address is for most of the TP-Link routers. The user can also use this default IP address to login to the routers.
  3. What is the default information for my TP-Link router?
    The default username and password is “admin” for most of the TP-Link routers. The username and password are case sensitive. 
  4. What will happen if I choose to reset my router?
    If you choose to reset your router, all the personalised settings will get deleted too.
  5. What is the Guest Network?
    The Guest Network allows the user to create alternate networks other than their main networks so that any guests or visitors visiting the user’s home or office can use the internet but cannot access the user’s main network and its shared contents.
  6. I cannot access the login page. What should I do?
    If the user cannot access the login page, then the user can try logging in using the default IP address for their router.
  7. How can I block inappropriate content on my network?
    You can restrict certain websites or block any inappropriate content using the Parental Controls Network. The user can also limit the access of internet on any particular device for a period of time.
  8. Can I download my firmware from any third party website?
    No, it is highly recommended that the user does not download anything from a third party website regarding their router.
  9. Can I leave my TP-Link router on all the time or do I have to shut it down at some point?
    Yes, you can leave your router on for as long as you like.
  10. 10.What is the Media Prioritisation feature?
    With the help of this feature, the user can prioritise the bandwidth to any particular device that they wish to use for high internet activity. 

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